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"Believe it or not...

German scientist confirms
a miracle of Islam"

The tradition of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Quran have described many scientific facts regarding the procedures in the human body, nature, etc., which can be prooven or were discovered only today with the means of most modern research. Without doubt there are still many scientific signs to be discovered with the technologies of the future.

The Sublime said:

Sure 41/53 "Soon will We show them Our Signs in the (furthest) regions (of the earth), and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that thy Lord doth witness all things?"

and in Sura 6/21:

"Who doth more wrong than he who inventeth a lie against Allah or rejecteth His Signs? But verily the wrong-doers never shall prosper.."

Dear reader, in the following report you find arguments, a new proof that Muhammad (pbuh) is the messenger of Allah and that we as human beings should not ignore His signs but follow His path.

- I - The tailbone miracle

Pic. 1

The tailbone, the last bone at the end of the backbone is the part of the human body that is never lost. It does not even decompose completely in the ground.

In several Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported, that the tailbone is the origin of the human being. And on Judgment Day God will emerge a human being from his or her tailbone.

The holy scripts are:

1) Abu Huraira narrated, that the Prophet (pbuh) said:

"All of the Sons of Adam (men) will decay except for the bone of coccyx (tailbone). From it he (man) was created and by it he will be reconstructed."

2) Abu Huraira narrated, that the Prophet (pbuh) said:

"There is nothing of the human body that does not decay except one bone; that is the little bone at the end of the coccyx of which the human body will be recreated on the Day of Resurrection."

Handed down by Al-Bukhari, Al Nassii, Abu Daoud, Ibn Majah and Ahmad in his book Al Mousnad and Malek in his book Al Mouattaa. In those Hadith are some unambiguous statements and facts:

- Man is created from the tailbone
- The tailbone will not decompose
- On Judgment Day the resurrection will be from the tailbone

Let us consider the scientific findings which confirm these statements.

- II - Scientific facts

1/ States of embryonic development

When a sperm enters an egg cell the development of the embryo starts. The ovule starts to divide: One cell becomes two, two become four, etc. Cell division and growth continue and the "embryonic disc" is formed, which consists of two layers:

1) The outer epiblast:

It contains the cytotrophoblast, which fixes the embryo at the uterus wall, so that the embryo can receive nutrition out of the mother`s blood.

2) The inner hypoblast

From this the embryo is formed by the power of Allah, the Almighty God. On the 15th day a first string is becoming visible, the so-called primitive streak. This string has a sharp end. And the first knot, called primitive node.

The side on which the primitive streak appears is known as the back of the embryonic disc. From primitive streak and primitive node all organs and tissue are formed as follows:

- The ectoderm forming skin and central nervous system

- The mesoderm forming soft muscles in the intestinal tract, the heart, the blood circulation, the bones, the sexual organs and uretic system, deeper tissue, lymph system and the milt.

- The endoderm forming stomach mucous membrane, respiratory system, organs of the intestinal tract, bladder, thyroid and the auditory canal.

Finally the primitive streak and node are torn away and form the tailbone. Conclusion: the tailbone contains the primitive streak and node and those are able to grow and can form three layers, from which the fetus is formed:

Ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm.

An indication of the importance of the primitive streak in the embryonic development is that the British committee WARNEK (responsible for human fertilization and genetics) prohibits scientists to conduct experiments on fertilized embryos in which the primitive streak has already been formed.

2/ Fetal abnormity as a proof that the tailbone contains the mother cells for a human being

After forming and shaping of the fetus from the primitive streak and primitive node, which lie in the last vertebra of the tailbone, primitive streak and node keep their characteristics. In case of mutation of one of them a tumor (teratoma) would form in addition to the fetus, which represents an abnormal fetus with some fully shaped organs. That way a surgeon can find some complete organs, which can be any organ, when opening the tumor… teeth, hair, even hand or feet with nails (pictures exist although we will not present them). People learned by this that the tailbone really contains mother cells.

Pic. 2: Teratoma in the coccygeal region at the end of the spine (source)
--> bigger photo

Hans Spemann experiments

Scientists found out that the cell formation and organization of the fetus is initiated by the primitive streak and primitive node. Before these parts form no differentiation of cells can take place. One of the most popular scientists, who proved this, was the German scientist Hans Spemann.

By his experiments with the primitive streak and the primitive node he found out that they organize the development of the embryo and called them for this reason "the primary organizer".

The German scientist started his experiments with amphibians by inserting a primary organizer he had cut out from one embryo under the epiblast of another embryo of the same age (first embryonic stage third or fourth week).

This led to the formation of a second embryo from the implanted part, which has been inserted into a new environment. The implanted part had influence on the surrounding cells of the new environment. That way a second embryo is formed in the first embryo.

Pic. 3: Scheme of the development of a second embryo by implantation of the primary organizer. Source: Keith L. Moor. The Developing Human

3/ Tailbone cells can not be degraded or destroyed

In 1931 Spemann ground the primary organizer and implanted it again. The grinding did not change the results of the experiment; the second embryo was formed anyhow. In 1933 Spemann and his scientists repeated the same experiment but this time they boiled the primary organizer before. But despite boiling a second embryo was formed. It was shown that the cells could not be influenced. In 1935 Spemann got the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the primary organizer.

Dr. Othman Al Djilani and Sheik Abd Majid Azzandani did some experiments on the tailbone in 2003/Ramadan1424 in the Sheik Abd Majid Azzanidanis house in Sana'a (Yemen). One of the two vertebras of the five tailbones was burned on a gas flame for 10 minutes until they were burned completely. (They had glowed red and then turned black).

They put the burned pieces into sterile boxes and brought them to a analysis laboratory in Sana'a (Al Olaki Laborytory) Dr. Saleh al Olaki, Professor for histology and pathology of the university of Sana'a analyzed the pieces and found out that the cells of the bone tissue of the tailbone ware not affected and had survived the flames (only muscles, fat and bone marrow were burned, while the cells of the tailbone were not affected).

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1935
"for his discovery of the organizer effect in embryonic development"

Hans Spemann

University of Freiburg im Breisgau
Breisgau, Germany
b. 1869
d. 1941

Pic. 4: Acknowledgement of Spemanns research with the Nobel Prize (Source)

- III - Aspects of miracle

1. The prophet's tradition about the tailbone belongs to the scientific miracles of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh), because embryology found out that all parts of the body and the organs of a human being derive from the tailbone, which is known as the primary organizer.

This primary organizer makes cells part and grow and leads to the formation of tissue for differentiation, which leads to the formation of the nervous system in its primary form. From this part, from which a human being is formed as an embryo, he is formed in the hereafter as well.

2. Grinding or boiling the primary organizer had no effect on the experiments. The second embryo formed anyhow in each case. It was shown that the cells of the tailbones bone tissue were not affected and survived the heat even after burning. This is as well a proof for the hadith of the prophet that the tailbone will not decompose completely or disappear.

And Allah knows best (Wa Allahu 'alem)

Summary by:
Adel ben Mohamed Zaghdoud
Way to Allah.com


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