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Islamic TV-Station in Germany! Together, we can do it!

We will, with the help of Allah and your support, establish a television station transmitting in the German language. The programming shall be received, inchaAllah, not only in Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland.

There are many good reasons for such a project. Because many things in Islam are misunderstood or interpreted wrongly because of a lack of knowledge, an Islamic television program can help to show people what Islam is really about. We want to provide programming which presents Islam in a straightforward manner, a peace loving Islam. Furthermore, the views of Muslims who follow the right path shall be presented inchaAllah, a path which is benevolent and just. The path of Muslims who dignify the mercy of the Creator with every deed, Muslims who are protecting their brothers and sisters and care for them, Muslims who follow the patient and God-fearing way of Muhammad the Prophet (peace be upon him).

The abuse of religion by fanatic and mad assassins is too often confused with Islam itself. These people indeed went astray. They are manipulable because of their ignorance. In Germany there are living many Muslims of the second and third migrant generation who simply don't know anything about their own religion. They are modeled on something bad and incline often to wrong interpretations. Their parents usually don't have the ability to convey the real values of Islam to them. So they often get into a cultural discrepancy. This ends up in a feeling of helplessness, in violence, and in the creation of insular values and standards. In the most cases they already have lost the ability to speak their mother tongue and mostly use the German language. Through their situation und lack of outlooks they are very susceptive to extremistic ideas.

Our project may contribute by taking corrective actions against this nescience and uncertainty. By this endeavor tensions can be reduced and more understanding can be created for more tolerance and acceptance between Muslims and Non-Muslims. This is one of several examples to accomplish a good social integration of these young Muslim people. We wish to give information, knowledge and a view of Islam which presents the original one. This also serves the view of the non-Muslim public on Islam how it really is.

Unfortunately nowadays it is not worth a headline to persist in the opinion that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, justice and mercy. As the Muslims don't have many possibilities to present their view to the public this television station could serve like a platform to Muslim statements and positions. Our interest is not in bloodthirsty headlines but in the simple value of truth. We intend to distance ourselves from the wrong images and from any kind of violence and we wish to reduce prejudice and to create a better image of Islam in public.

For this aim we appeal to Muslims and Non-Muslims who are interested in our idea: We are searching for persons, who like to support our project. We look for any capital and donations, experts in media and technicians. We need special equipment and units. It is important to mention that the project is independent. There shall not be any influence from outside, neither from our supporters nor from donators. We are open to proposals but creating the program shall remain in our hands so that the pure aim and its realization can become true.

If you like to support us or get more information, don't hesitate to mail to adelzaghdoud@web.de

or take a look at our website www.way-to-allah.com and get in contact with us.

Please hand this paper on to friends so that many people come to know about our project and can support us. If you don't have the possibility for any support think of us in your prayers.

Assalamu aleikum

Your Way-to-Allah team