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Counseling in Prison.

A brother in Islam who is imprisoned gave us the idea for this new project. He asked us by imploring one brother, "Please don't forget us. We are here without any support in our creed. We have no one to talk to, no one who is helping us by talking about Allah or good books."

This request did not leave us calm, and it brought up a new idea. Allah sent this brother to let us know that we should definitely do something about this problem.

So we want to start a new project: We want to offer counseling for our brothers and sisters in prison. We would like to provide books and other materials and make them available for our brothers and sisters there. That way, inchaAllah, they will not feel left alone and may get new hope.

We need your help for this project in the German-speaking area to get addresses or maybe some contacts or counselors. If you need more information or would like to work on this project, please get in touch with us by writing to us at this e-mail-address: