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Providing Literature in Arabic to Institutions.

We will, with the help of Allah, try to provide Islamic literature in Arabic and give it to Islamic institutions and places of prayer.

The books we would like to collect are about the following topics:

  1. - "Tafsir Al-QurŽan Al-Karim" (e.g. of Ibn Kathir )
  2. - "Worship Acts and Law 'Fiqh'" (e.g. Fiqh As-Sunna of Sayyid Sabiq)
  3. - "Traditions, sayings and acts of the Prophet (pbuh) "Hadith" (e.g. Sahih Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Riyad-us-Salihin, or similar works)
  4. - "Life of the Prophet (pbuh) and the lives of the other Prophets (as), "Sira & Qasas Al-Anbiya" (e.g. Ibn Hicham or Ibn Kathir)

This idea occurred to us when we noticed that there is a lack of literature in Islamic institutions, and the literature is not available for everybody. Every Muslim should have the right to learn about his religion without spending much money on it.

The same is true for our non-Arabic-speaking brothers and sisters from Balkan for whom we try to make Islamic literature available and give it to their centers here in Germany.

Everybody who wishes to help us with this project is welcome to do so and should get in touch with us please.

May Allah help us with this project.