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Feeding the Poor. "The Merciful Pardons the Merciful."

The Prophet (pbuh) said, ""The best among the people is the one who is beneficial for people." [Tirmidi]

He said, "Be merciful to those on earth so the One in heaven will be merciful to you." [Abu Daawud’s “Book of Good Manners” #4290, at-Tirmidi’s “Book of Piety and Filial Piety” #1847 and Ahmad in “Musnad” #6206]

We would like inschaAllah to put up racks with food or sanitary products in mosques so that brothers and sisters who have little to eat or not enough money can get food or sanitary products there. Nowadays there are many brothers and sisters who deal with problems like joblessness, no work permit, studying, illness and so on, and they need our helping hand.

In the racks we set up, only food and sanitary products are to be stored. There shall be a person in charge in each mosque who controls the racks. InschaAllah brothers and sisters who go the mosques will bring products with them and leave them in the racks as a donation. Every Muslim who wants to have this project in his or her mosque in Germany can contact us. We will provide support and discuss all the details with people in charge of the mosque if necessary.