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"WTA Publishing House"

We have launched this project because we realised that there is quite a shortage of Islamic books in the German speaking region. Especially of those which would be most suited for the western reader.

We would also like to reach German book stores to achieve quick and easy access to good Islamic literature, inshallah.

In addition to this we would like to pick up those topics which are most important to our Brothers and Sisters. Especially those on which there is insufficient literature available in Germany.

Scientific knowledge in the Quran

… … recently confirmed through modern technology

ISBN 978-3-9811772-0-6

Second Book
(Will be published shortly inshallah):

The importance of the islamic Will for a muslim

A Will according to the Islamic law

ISBN 978-3-9811772-1-3

Containing the following topics:

* How should the Will be phrased so that it is actually valid in Germany
* Sample for a Will
* Islamic regulations and some corresponding explanations
* Recommendations/ Further details