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Islamic Info Corner

These info corners feature:

a) weatherproofed PVC sheets

of 3 m breadth x 70 cm height (per sheet)

or of 3 m breadth x 60 cm height.

b) rollup Banners

of 85 cm breadth x 2 m height (per banner) which weigh 2.6 kg.

* lightweight construction
* aluminum poster hangers
* twist-out feet for proper support
* a cushioned transport case with handles

c) CDs (to give away)

d) Flyers (to give away)

You can download our set of brochures at this Link

e) Books and booklets (to give away)

f) Way-to-Allah.com cards in various languages (to give away)


The info corners are designed to be presented in Islamic institutions, mosques or shops. It is important that the material be seen easily by pedestrians (for example in shop windows or display cases).

Who is responsible for the costs of the material?

Material is provided by us, however the persons in charge for each info corner are required to participate in paying the costs. (For the fabrication of our material, we have found a very low priced manufacturer).

You may also download the three sheets and the two banners in case you want to produce them yourself. The links to find them can be provided by mail.

Please include Way-to-Allah in your prayers.

Way-to-Allah e.V.