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    Omar Al Mukhtar
…The LION of The DESERT!

A movie to remember forever
Part 1:


The Lion of The Desert, The Libyan, Arab and Muslim Hero Omar Al Mukhtar. Was one bright page in the history of freedom and truth. The movie is so brilliant and exciting.This is a movie about a legitimate fight carried out by the Libyan natives against the illegal oppression by Italy in early twentieth century. The freedom fight is headed by Omar Mukhtar (Anthony Quinn) who is fighting the Italian rule for twenty years and to crush the resistance of Libyans, the Italian governer of the time is General Rodofo Graziani (Oliver Reed). Mukhtar is actually a softhearted man with actual profession of teaching but had to take a life of a guerrilla due to this oppression. On the other hand, Graziani is a ruthless general with no feeling for killing innocent people through his subordinates. But Mukhtar must fight this tyranny for his nation and country.

The movie is filmed in Italy and the deserts of Libya. The whole project is carried quite professionally with every aspect taken care of and every point well thought of. Anthony Quinn and Oliver Reed give stunning performances well worthy of rememberance. The director Moustapha Akkad delivers a classic film giving an impression of a seasoned Hollywood director. One should never miss such a classic film. Everyone must watch it.


  You can buy the film:
"Omar Al Mukhtar…The LION of The DESERT"