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The young marriage of Aisha (r.a)

At the time of the Prophet ([GodŽs] blessing and [His] peace be upon him) it was common in the Arabic society to have girls married very early, when they were actually still children. However the marriage was not consummated. After some time, after they have grown up, they could decide if the marriage would be consummated or not. In case that the woman decided against it, the marriage was resolved before it was consummated.

The Meccans were very keen on blaming the Prophet ([GodŽs] blessing and [His] peace be upon him). What could have been better than having the opportunity of proving the Prophet ([GodŽs] blessing and [His] peace be upon him) being a child abuser? But they did not do so. This is a plausible evident for the fact that the marriage of Aisha (r.a) was within the usual norm accepted by society.

Source: Islam-Kiosk.ch

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