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The Way to Islam, our choice

We have collected some stories of prominent people from all over the world for you, in which these people describe their way to Islam und give reasons, why they chose Islam to be their religion.

Islam means that God guides people. It is not the religion of a special folk. It is not connected to a special country. All of Gods prophets at all times and places have been preaching this religion.

The very last and freshly created form was revealed to prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Arabia. He fulfilled his mission the best way and established a civilization on the fundaments of Islam. The Arabic people became the major followers of this philosophy of life. They raised from oblivion and become a power to be noticed. Starting from Arabia the religion was spread over other countries and peoples. But when the Arabic people neglected their duties for the Lord, other people took over leadership in Islam. Egypts, Spaniards, Seljuks, Kurds, Berbers, Turkish, Indians, Mongols, etc. came together in Islam and raised its flag and conduced for Islam. All of them made their marks.

Islam is not the exclusive right of a special people, but it belongs to all Mankind. God knows which peoples of the East and of the West will else embrace Islam.